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My weekly fix comes with Coffee

I look forward to my weekly fix of 'Not Before Coffee' and reserve each episode for a long dog walk, run, or weekend drive. Raye consistently produces a professional and enjoyable podcast giving great insight into movies and books. Raye always comes across as genuine, honest and passionate about w…

Professional and authentic

Just started listening, really enjoyed the podcast, great balance between a professional and smooth delivery but still sounding authentic. Really liked how Raye opened up about her mental health during lockdown. I’ll certainly be listening again!

5 Stars

Pop the kettle on and make yourself a cuppa. It's time to listen to Raye breaking down a movie, a book and her life in the warm, welcoming and, quite frankly, honest way that only she can. 5 stars.

Very relaxing!

Raye has great insight on the movies she watches and a very relaxing voice that helps you get lost in the stories and topics she talks about. Check out this podcast! -The Geeks

Easy listen

Raye had great insight into books, movies, and life in general. She’s easy to listen to. When I need a break from true crime podcasts I go straight to Not Before Coffee Cindy WDST

Easy listening and helpful

I like this nice calm podcast. I’m glad she doesn’t shy away from emotion and mental health. It’s important to hear about those things.

My Raye of light

I love listening to this podcast. Raye is a phenomenal host (especially as she goes it alone!) and is engaging to listen to, about a multitude of exciting topics. The world is a lot less bleak with her podcast in my life! Essential listening for 2020 and beyond.

Another Cup

Not Before Coffee! is a topical show that is delightful. What makes it really excel is the genuine presentation, how easy it is to listen to, and Raye being an engaging and thoughtful host. The topics themselves, often with a look at pop culture, are often interesting to the point where this is an …


Absolutely love this podcast. Really enjoy listening to this podcast. Just found out about your podcast on Twitter. I’m glad that I found this podcast literally feels like I am on the phone with a friend. Xoxo 😘

I can relate to Raye

Everyone can relate to needing just another cup.... whether it's coffee, tea, water or something stronger and I feel like Raye's podcast is so relatable in that respect. I love that she's so honest about life's ups and downs, especially with her mental health, and subjects like that are so importan…

A friend

I really enjoyed this podcast , I really enjoyed listening to it, it felt like I was listening to a friend talking to me, found myself smiling and almost responding as if I was on the phone with a friend, lol very relatable. I will definitely be listening more ~Lydia ✌🏼❣️🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


Raye is a delight to listen to! Her stories are very interesting and I love listening to her describe her dreams! I love the personal feel of everything she discusses. This is a great podcast and I'm excited to hear more!

Great Podcast!

I really enjoy this podcast! It is something I can put on while pottering around the house and it feels like a friend is there with you having a coffee and a chat. Raye is a great story teller and really keeps you engaged. It has a great personal touch as she discusses topics close to home, but als…

Goes down just as easy as a coffee!

Raye is such a delight to listen to. Her podcast is the perfect companion piece to your morning brew, lunch brew or even midnight brew. This is a charming and insightful look into the life of Raye and in the fast paced world of today, it’s a real treat to slow down the pace and savour this pod. So …

A Raye of delight!

I've always wanted to read more and enjoyed hearing how passionate Raye is about reading. I love knowing more about her book loving origin story in the first episode. I look forward to following along and checking out more episodes. Subscribe and listen now!

A perfect podcast to enjoy with your cuppa

It can’t be easy doing a podcast along. No one to bounce off of or take the lead if you have a kind blank. This host manages to not have those issues as she discusses Books, films, tv or just anything in general! A must listen